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A number of the presentations at the Colloquium provided useful resources. Included here are a selection of PDF downloads and a recording of one of the talks.

Opening Address: Selina Hasham (audio/mp3)

Dinner Speech: Gospel Joy (pdf)

Workshop: Youth (pdf)

This article was written by Elaine Wainwright RSM and was first published in Tui Motu InterIslands June 2016

Martha and Mary are familiar biblical characters who continue to feature significantly in the developing tradition of the early Church. Their story in Luke’s Gospel (10: 38–42) focuses predominantly on human interrelationships.  So while an ecological reading will be attentive to those relationships, it will also seek to hear the voice of the other-than-human that may be present in the storytelling, even if only subtly.

Messages of tolerance and peace

This article was written by Amy Calfas and was first published in USIP on 4 May 2016.

In Pakistan, a series of vibrant murals has gone viral, inciting discussion, online and in city streets, about gender-based violence and discrimination. Young women artists changed the landscape of the country’s largest cities as they worked with communities to turn local people’s stories into art that claims public spaces for messages of tolerance and peace.